Bridging the real-world experiences of moms with the research sector

Amplifying the insights of mothers and maternal health professionals.

Supporting researchers and business teams in maternal health and wellness.

From one mom,
for all moms

Raven L. Veal, PhD, Founder

Becoming a mother transformed my career as a researcher and design strategist. Navigating pregnancy, work-life challenges, and postpartum life revealed the gaps in maternal care. This blend of personal insight and professional expertise sparked a pivotal question:

How might we leverage the collective wisdom of moms to redesign maternal health?

Aisha B.

Toronto, ON (CAN)

  • Special Needs Mom
  • Doula
  • 11 Months Postpartum
  • 26-30 yrs.
  • Sustainability Advocate
Available for studies

Elena G.

Miami, FL (USA)

  • Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Homemaker
  • 2-Year Old Twins
  • 26-30 yrs.
  • Mental Health Advocate
Available for studies

Priya L.

London, UK

  • First-Time Mom
  • University Researcher
  • Trying to Conceive
  • 31-35 yrs.
  • Nutrition Enthusiast
Available for studies

Rachel K.

Seattle, WA (USA)

  • Single Mom
  • Software Engineer
  • 2 Months Pregnant
  • 36-40 yrs.
  • Fitness Fanatic
Available for studies

Sofia M.

Austin, Texas (USA)

  • 41-45 yrs.
  • OB/GYN
  • Pursuing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Holistic Health Practitioner
Available for studies
These profiles are illustrative examples designed to showcase the diverse demographics and characteristics of our participants.

We're nurturing a community where maternal voices and insights spark meaningful innovation.

Initial launch

In September 2023, we launched our MVP website with Elsa Amri, allowing researchers to post targeted studies, and connecting them with a diverse network of moms.

Updated launch

In January 2024, we unveiled an enhanced version of the site with Grace Walker, including a community-driven approach to meet diverse research needs.

Future milestones

Our goal is continuous innovation and expansion, aspiring to become one of the leading research partners in the maternal health industry.

Core principles

Our core principles drive meaningful community connections.

Dynamic Consent

We prioritize ongoing, informed consent, adapting to our community's evolving needs.

Respectful Engagement

We aim to represent a broad spectrum of maternal experiences, ensuring every voice is heard and valued.

Healing and Sensitivity

We approach all engagements with care, recognizing the emotional journey of motherhood.

Connected Community

We aim to foster an inclusive community where relationships are built on support and mutual respect.

Participatory Innovation

We view mothers as co-creators, actively involving them in shaping the research and solutions that affect their lives.

Transparent Feedback

Open communication is our cornerstone, ensuring findings and innovations are shared back with the community.