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Frequently asked questions

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What is Research With Moms?

Research With Moms is a targeted recruitment and insights platform offering direct access to a curated community of mothers for research projects.

Who can join Research With Moms?

Mothers and researchers interested in maternal health can join our platform. Mothers join for free, while researchers choose from our recruitment plans.

How do recruitment plans for researchers work?

Our recruitment plans connect researchers with our curated community of mothers through two plans. Choose between Standard or Premium recruitment based on your project's needs, and then provide us with your study details. We handle the precise matching, giving you direct access to ideal participants quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on impactful research.

Can researchers request refunds?

Researchers can request refunds within a specified period if our recruitment services do not meet the agreed-upon criteria, ensuring satisfaction and trust in our platform.

What types of research does Research With Moms support?

We specialize in facilitating market analysis, product development, and user experience research specifically designed to enhance maternal health products and services.

Does Research With Moms plan to expand its research focus?

As we grow with our community, we're open to broadening our research scope. Future expansions may explore wider women's health topics and incorporate academic and clinical research to enrich our insights and innovation potential across various life stages of women.

How are privacy and safety ensured for community members?

Our platform adheres to strict data protection laws, rigorously vets researchers, and requires explicit consent from participants for study involvement, ensuring member privacy and safety.

How is participant data used for research?

Participant data is used to match individuals with relevant research studies, ensuring their experiences and insights directly contribute to advancements in maternal health products and services. All data usage complies with strict privacy and ethical standards.

Are participants compensated for research involvement?

Yes, participants actively participating in surveys, interviews, focus groups, or product tests receive compensation for their contributions, with details provided for each study.

What should I do if I have questions or concerns?

Use our contact form for further information or assistance with any issues.