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Food as Medicine: Jennifer Jolorte Doro and the Wisdom of Chiyo


In our inspiring series on maternal health innovators, we spotlight Jennifer Jolorte Doro, the co-founder and Chief Culinary Officer of Chiyo. This unique venture blends the ancient wisdom of Eastern food therapy with the precision of nutritional science to support women through fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum stages. Chiyo embodies a commitment to maternal wellness, delivering OBGYN-recommended, nutritionist-curated, ready-to-eat meals that tackle common pregnancy symptoms and support overall health.

Jennifer Jolorte Doro

The Multidimensional Path of Jennifer Jolorte Doro

Jennifer's journey into maternal nutrition is a narrative of passion, curiosity, and the desire to make a tangible difference. "Even before I became a mother myself, I was drawn to the beauty and intelligence of the human body," Jolorte Doro shares. Her path was enriched by her multifaceted expertise as a clinical nutritionist, postpartum and birth doula, and lactation counselor, underpinned by her foundational work in pre- and postnatal yoga. Her approach is deeply integrative, focusing on whole, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to craft meals that are not only nourishing but also a joy to consume.

Doro's personal and professional experiences converge to inform Chiyo's mission. As a mother of two young children and having navigated the intricate dance of balancing motherhood with professional aspirations, she brings an authentic understanding of the challenges and needs of new mothers. "Being a mom has been the most grounding experience of my life. It's taught me the importance of nourishment, care, and the community in the postpartum period.”

"Being a mom has been the most grounding experience of my life. It's taught me the importance of nourishment, care, and the community in the postpartum period.”

Chiyo: Merging Tradition and Science

At Chiyo, tradition is not just preserved; it's innovated. The company’s ethos is about building "with and for the community," mainly focusing on the nutritional needs and wellbeing of mothers. One of Chiyo's hallmark offerings is a broth and tonic regimen, drawing from traditional Chinese medicine, tailored for the postpartum recovery process. "These remedies are about more than just nutrition; they're about holistic healing, offering support from tissue repair to mood enhancement," explains Doro. 

The upcoming Nutrition Hub exemplifies Chiyo's forward-thinking, aiming to demystify nutrition and make it accessible and engaging. It's about transforming how mothers learn about and engage with their nutritional needs, breaking down myths and empowering them with knowledge. "We're dedicated to busting myths and providing evidence-based advice, from combating misconceptions about seafood in pregnancy to enhancing postpartum recovery through nutrition," says Doro.

Driving Innovation Through Consumer Insights

Chiyo’s innovations are deeply rooted in listening to and understanding the needs of mothers. The inception of its fertility and postpartum programs was a direct response to the feedback and insights gathered from its community. "In navigating the challenges and joys of motherhood myself, I've been uniquely positioned to understand and address the needs of new mothers through nutrition," Doro reflects. "Our journey at Chiyo is driven by the stories we hear from our community — from the mother who rediscovered her strength through our postpartum tonics to the expectant parent who felt empowered by our fertility nutrition guidance. These stories fuel our commitment to nurturing maternal health."

Mothers have expressed their needs for support not just postpartum but also during the fertility stage, leading to the development of targeted nutritional programs. "Our customers trust us with their most vulnerable experiences. It's a profound responsibility we carry with every meal and piece of advice we provide," Doro states. This customer-driven approach has allowed Chiyo to refine and expand its offerings continually. For example, the development of the Nutrition Hub is a direct response to the desire for more in-depth, accessible nutritional guidance and support. "We've had clients eagerly anticipate using our service from as early as 10 weeks pregnant, seeking guidance and support," Doro notes, highlighting the impact of Chiyo's commitment to trust and innovation. Looking ahead, Chiyo is exploring the integration of AI to personalize its nutritional guidance, making it more accessible and relevant to each mother's unique journey. For Doro, combining technology and traditional wisdom opens new possibilities for supporting maternal health.

"Our journey at Chiyo is driven by the stories we hear from our community ... these stories fuel our commitment to nurturing maternal health."

Get Involved and Make a Difference

Jennifer Jolorte Doro's dedication and Chiyo's innovative approach are transforming maternal health care, offering a blend of nutritional wisdom and modern science. Inspired by their work? Visit their website to find out how you can support or benefit from Chiyo’s services. Similarly, if you're passionate about contributing to meaningful research that can lead to real change in maternal health, Research With Moms welcomes you. Join our diverse network of moms and researchers working together to shape the future of motherhood.